Launchpad: Powerful GNSS research tool

September 22, 2016  - By

Software Receiver

Powerful research tool for the GNSS scientific and R&D community

The SX3 is a modular multi-GNSS software receiver that tracks all known and in future upcoming GNSS signals in view in real time on a standard laptop. The included RF front-end offers four sx3_distributor-wRF frequency chains with 50-MHz bandwidth each, covering the entire GNSS L-band spectrum and the IRNSS S-band spectrum.

The USB 3.0 interface enables high-speed data transfer with up to 8-bit quantization. Customers can fully concentrate on their applications instead of dealing with potentially obscure code when using open source.

The signal view graphical user interface provides easy access to signal processing configuration properties and gives real-time feedback for important aspects, such as channel output, correlation function and RF spectrum.


  • Multipath and spoofing signal evaluation
  • Interference monitoring
  • Weak signal scintillation
  • Ionospheric scintillation
  • Sensor fusion (IMU, magnetometer)

Release notes (v3.2.1)

  • New SX3 front-end mode providing sample rate of 100 MHz
  • SX3 front-end temperature log-file
  • Automatic calibration of Galileo E5ab (AltBOC) tracking when using SX3 front end
  • Add scintillation monitor module and dedicated configuration “ScintillationMonitor.nsr”
  • New API example “TrackingLoopAdvanced”
  • New driver model used for SX3 frontend
  • Updates in SX3 reflectometry package


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