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GPS/GLONASS/BeidDou tri-system board


The UB351/352 board by Unicore Communications.

The UB351/352 GPS/GLONASS/BDS tri-system penta-frequency OEM boards are based on Unicore’s mature multi-GNSS system on chip (SoC). UB351/352 both use a low-power consumption design, support multipath mitigation and offer millimeter-level carrier-phase observations with centimeter-level RTK positioning accuracy.

Instant RTK and high-precision heading advanced technologies are particularly appropriate for applications requiring high-precision positioning, navigation and heading. UB351/352 have been used in several applications in overseas projects, and can be integrated into unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV) and in precision agriculture.


  • UB351: BDS B1/B3+GPS L1/L2+GLONASS L1; UB352: GPS L1/L2+GLONASS L1/L2+BDS B1
    46 x71 millimeters; small and compatible with industry standard compact size GNSS boards
  • Optional onboard MEMS; designed for intelligent machine control with improved positioning performance under complex conditions
  • Supports WAAS + TDIF algorithm, designed for precision agriculture
  • Better than 1-millimeter carrier-phase precision
  • Accuracy: Sub-meter level SBAS, Decimeter level DGPS, centimeter level high-precision RTK positioning
  • Better than 0.2-degree heading accuracy on 1-meter baseline
  • Output: 20 Hz

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