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Launchpad: New RTK system for surveyors

December 5, 2017  - By


RTK survey system

Using a smartphone

Tersus David RTK is a real-time kinematic solution for centimeter-level accuracy using a smartphone. By plugging into a smartphone with a USB cable, The Tersus David turns the phone into an RTK rover, geographic information system (GIS) collector and RTK base. It supports GPS L1/L2, BeiDou B1/B2 and GLONASS G1/G2 signals. The rugged design enables it to operate in harsh environments.

Tersus GNSS,

Mobile mapper

High speed for corridor mapping

The Riegl VMX-2HA is a high-speed, high-performance dual-scanner mobile mapping system that provides dense, accurate and feature-rich data at highway speeds. With 2 million measurements and 500 scan lines per second, the turnkey solution is suitable for survey-grade mobile mapping applications. The powerful technology in the Riegl VMX-2HA is comprised of two Riegl VUX-1HA high-accuracy lidar sensors and a high-performance INS/GNSS unit housed in an aerodynamically shaped protective cover. A camera interface for up to nine optional cameras enables the lidar data to be complemented by precisely georeferenced images.


3D laser scanner

Rapid mapping indoors and out

The ZEB-REVO RT is the next generation of the ZEB-REVO — GeoSLAM’s lightweight, handheld laser scanner that allows rapid, simple mapping of complex, indoor and multi-level spaces. The ZEB-REVO RT uses Wi-Fi technology to seamlessly connect the scanner to a mobile phone or tablet, allowing for real-time data visualization as the user walks and scans. The simultaneous scanning and processing of 3D data removes the need for post-processing, effectively slashing project survey times in half. The technology is so rapid, users can scan and process a three-story building in 30 minutes.


ArcGIS add-on app

Connects Esri ArcGIS data with Salesforce data

MapAnything Connector for ArcGIS gives users a map view of Esri ArcGIS Online data inside Salesforce with their organizational data for strategic planning and analysis. The add-on app serves as a bi-directional integration layer between the programs, enabling customers to access their ArcGIS mapping and location intelligence inside the MapAnything Platform. Once connected, the MapAnything user interface helps Salesforce users view and interact with Esri maps and data alongside their existing customer and business data, exposing new opportunities to drive revenue and increase efficiency; improve decision making by aligning two core systems of record, the GIS system and the customer relationship management (CRM); and make it easy for GIS professionals to share insights seamlessly with their counterparts. The application has uses across retail, commercial real estate, telecommunications and economic development.




Generates Realistic Test Scenarios for a wide variety of applications

The SMW200A GNSS simulator can be extended to up to four RF outputs and allows GNSS signals to be simulated simultaneously in multiple frequency bands for multiple antennas. It can internally simulate a complex interference environment in parallel with GNSS signals. To test multi-frequency and multi-antenna systems, users have access to 72 GNSS channels that can be assigned to up to four RF outputs. The SMW200A can generate QZSS and SBAS signals as well as GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou signals, enabling users to quickly and easily verify the position accuracy of their receivers under realistic conditions. An internal noise generator can generate complex interference scenarios with multiple interferers.

Rohde & Schwarz,

RTK receiver

Multi-frequency, four constellations for survey and GIS

The Altus NR3 is a multi-frequency, quad-constellation (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo) RTK receiver for survey and GIS applications. It features Septentrio’s AIM+ interference mitigation and monitoring system, allowing continued operation in the presence of both intentional and non-intentional interference. It combines advanced GNSS features with a robust communications suite in a compact, low-power and easy-to-use unit. The Altus NR3 is configurable as either a rover or a base station. It offers one-touch logging and Septentrio’s on-board web interface so users can monitor and configure the unit as well as collect data using any Wi-Fi-capable device.


Battlefield navigation

Protects critical military and security networks

VersaPNT provides virtually failsafe battlefield navigation, even in GPS-denied environments, to protect critical networks. The new, ground, air or sea vehicle-mounted unit is designed for military environments, with a ruggedized, compact, low-power and lightweight form factor. It provides continuous mission assurance and command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) support, even in hostile environments.


Timing server

Incorporates SAASM for defense

The SyncServer S650 SAASM server incorporates a Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM). The SAASM capability provides a highly secure, accurate and flexible time and frequency platform for synchronizing mission-critical electronics systems and instrumentation applications in the defense market. The SAASM received the GPS Directorate security approval to incorporate a military-grade, GPS SAASM receiver module, enabling U.S. armed forces to deploy features of the commercial SyncServer S650 in a military-grade configuration and allowing for a migration path to GPS Military Code (M-code) support.



Superior multi-constellation tracking for uavs, survey vessels

The multi-constellation D-Helix Antenna is capable of superior tracking of signals from GPS L1/L2 L-Band, GLONASS L1/L2, BDS B1/B2/B3 and Galileo. The quadrifilar helix design of low wind-resistance makes it suitable for UAV positioning and navigation. The increased antenna gain and beamwidth ensure better signal receiving performance at low elevation angles; the low noise design also reduces interference and improves signal quality. The antenna can be used in UAV patrol, UAV plant protection and for unmanned patrol and survey vessels.



Operations software

Helps enterprises efficiently manage their drone operations

FlightHub is a new software solution that helps enterprises and drone service providers efficiently manage their drone operations from a single platform. A web-based service, FlightHub enables the secure management of real-time drone operations, flight data, drone fleets and pilot teams to meet the needs of the expanding global commercial drone industry. Users can view their teams’ remote drone operations from one place in real time.FlightHub provides enterprises a clear, centralized view of their company’s drone operations to enable onsite pilots to more effectively collaborate with offsite teams. The Map View and Real-Time View features display telemetry, camera and sensor data for faster, more informed decision making.


Drone camera

Addition to M-Series IP network camera line

The new MR6442AX IP 4MP dome camera is suitable for demanding outdoor installations in challenging lighting conditions, such as schools, parking lots and sports stadiums, as well as city and perimeter surveillance. It features brilliant video quality, a 2.8 to 12 mm Varifocal-Auto iris lens, 100-db high dynamic range (HDR) and built-in Sense up+ low light technology. Intelligent video surveillance (IVS) functionality is a cornerstone of LILIN IP M-aeries cameras. The MR6442AX IVS analytics include advanced motion detection, object counting and tripwire detection, allowing the camera to detect when an object or person has breached an area such as the entrance to a building or parking lot. The MR6442AX is outdoor-ready out-of-the-box with an IP66 rating for rain and dust resistance, suitable for perimeter protection where early detection of an intrusion attempt is critical.

LILIN Americas,


Specifically designed for agriculture

The Parrot Bluegrass Agricultural Solution includes a powerful quadcopter equipped with a full high-definition front camera and embedded Parrot Sequoia advanced multispectral sensor; flight planning mobile application with Pix4Dcapture; data processing with AIRINOV FIRST+ cloud platform; and a long-range remote control, the Parrot Skycontroller 2. Parrot Bluegrass is easy to set up , fly and repair, with Pix4Dcapture autonomous flight capability. It can automatically cover up to 30 hectares at 70 meters / 230 feet flight altitude per battery (25 minutes per battery).


UAS countermeasure

Automatically detects, locates, tracks and takes over UAS controls

The Airfence 5.0 UAS countermeasure platform, updated from Airfence One, provides new and improved directional finding along with detection, tracking and long-distance jamming capabilities. It is designed to protect militaries, airports, prisons and private companies from rogue drones in illegal and potentially life-threatening situations. Airfence 5.0 is certified rugged and offers compact out-of-the box setup and installation. The update incorporates lessons learned from key projects with the FAA, NASA, the U.S. Marine Corps and the European Commission. Airfence 5.0 includes updates focused on increasing the detection rate and level of data packets received, enabling for real-time actionable insights.



Connected car device

Plug-in for older vehicles

The HumX plug-in turns older model autos into smart cars. It equips the cars with features like using GPS for roadside assistance, Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 10 devices, maintenance reminders and auto health diagnostics. HumX uses safety features such as speeding and boundary alerts, vehicle diagnostics, driving history and emergency assistance (with crash detection capabilities). It allows travelers to stay safe with pinpoint roadside assistance, turn-by-turn navigation, live traffic updates and a mechanics hotline for certified, expert advice. HumX is sold with an equipment fee, a one-time activation fee and a monthly subscription.


Electronic logging for mobile devices

Enables fleets to improve safety, productivity from a Samsung device

Omnitracs and Samsung Electronics America are partnering to help the transportation industry address the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate. The solution combines Samsung smartphones, tablets and security solutions with Omnitracs’ XRS fleet management software to improve safety, data security and productivity for U.S.-based fleets. Drivers can use their mobile device to monitor hours of service (HOS) logs to comply with legal requirements during on- and off-duty management of vehicles. Electronic tracking of HOS increases speed and accuracy of reporting, because drivers can track their hours in real time instead of fixed increments, such as in manual entry methods. The solution provides fleets with key driver performance analytics, including fuel usage, drive time, speed, driving behavior, driver vehicle inspection reporting (DVIR) and trip data to improve driver safety, lower costs and increase productivity.

Omnitracs,; Samsung,

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