Kosminis Vytis releases three anti-jamming products

November 16, 2023  - By

Kosminis Vytis has released two anti-jamming receivers, the KV-AJ3 and KV-AJ3-A, and an 8-channel, controlled reception pattern antenna (CRPA), anti-jamming development kit.

Image: Kosminis Vytis

Image: Kosminis Vytis

The KV-AJ3 tri-band anti-jamming receiver combines a digital antenna control unit (DACU) and a GNSS receiver. KV-AJ3 can be used as a jamming protector for legacy receivers or as a stand-alone GNSS receiver solution.

When used with a Kosminis Vytis multi-band 4-channel antenna array, anti-jamming DACU uses the Null-Steering algorithm based on classic auto-compensator architecture and channel equalization, which eliminates the jamming signals from those processed by the receiver.

The tri-band solution decreases interferences from up to three directions in three frequency bands, including S-band, according to the company. This approach is designed to provide significantly higher protection against interference compared to single-frequency devices.

The receiver has a digital port for navigation data output. Jamming-free RF signals can also be delivered to external non-protected GNSS receivers to obtain position, velocity and time.
KV-AJ3 contains a MEMS inertial sensor, which allows for GNSS-aided INS solutions where coordinates and attitude angles are required.

Image: Kosminis Vytis

Image: Kosminis Vytis

The KV-AJ3-A is designed to provide a stable navigation signal in three frequency bands, including S-band, even in the presence of jamming and other harsh conditions. The technology is MIL-STD compliant and meets the EMI/EMC requirements for avionics.

The direction to interfering signals is determined using a phased array antenna, which can then remove jamming signals from up to three directions. The original signal is either restored and delivered to external GNSS receivers or processed by the internal receiver to obtain position data. The device can be used as a DACU for legacy receivers, or as a stand-alone GNSS receiver solution.

According to Kosminis Vytis, the key components of this anti-jamming device are based on custom ASICs that allow users to achieve high jamming suppression and SWaP. KV-AJ3-A can be used for fixed installations and land, sea and air platforms, including UAVs.

Image: Kosminis Vytis

Image: Kosminis Vytis

The 8-channel, CRPA, anti-jamming development kit is a set of instruments designed to help users add anti-jamming and anti-spoofing capabilities to their receivers.

The main development tool is NT1069x8_FMC — an 8-channel receiver board. The 8 coherent channels are based on NT1069, the RF application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) that supports a high dynamic range of input signals.

Each channel performs amplification, down-conversion of GNSS signal to intermediate frequency (IF) and subsequent filtering and digitization by 14-bit ADC at 100 MSPS.

The board is compatible with GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, NavIC (IRNSS) and QZSS signals in L1, L2, L3, L5 and S bands. Each RF channel has an individual RF input with the option to feed power to an active antenna.

The board also has an embedded GNSS receiver and an up-converter, or modulator, which can provide connection to an external GNSS receiver.

Under a technology license, Kosminis Vytis provides users interested in developing their solutions based on the NT1069 chip with a reference design of anti-jamming receiver, anti-jamming algorithms and software tools for the development and evaluation of anti-jamming receivers.

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