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Kalashnikov Goes Airborne with UAV Acquisition

February 23, 2015  - By
Image: GPS World

Russian automatic weapons maker Kalashnikov Concern is acquiring UAV company, according to Defense News.

Kalashnikov produces a well-known assault rifle. The acquisition of the UAV companyZALA Aero is part of the company’s development strategy through 2020, according to a statement released to Defense News.

“Based off Kalashnikov Concern and ZALA Aero company, we plan to develop and manufacture drones, mobile and earth-based management stations,” said Aleksey Krivoruchko, Kalashnikov Concern CEO.

“Our main product here will be intelligence-gathering pilotless airplanes, helicopters and aerostats. The decision to purchase control stake of ZALA Aero to widen our product line has been made as a part of the strategy of Kalashnikov corporate development through the year 2020 and as a part of the process of developing new sectors of our market.”

The UAVs will operate to secure state borders, intelligence gathering and rescue operations, as well as special operations, the report states.

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