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Jackson Labs provides GNSS PNT replacement module for legacy receivers

November 23, 2015  - By
M12M Replacement Receiver GNSS module.

M12M Replacement Receiver GNSS module.

Jackson Labs Technologies Inc. has made available the M12M Replacement Receiver GNSS module that is form-fit-function compatible to the legacy Motorola M12M and M12+ timing and navigation receivers. It uses an eighth-generation GNSS timing-enabled receiver allowing 72 GNSS-channel reception with any two GNSS systems being received simultaneously.

The M12M adds configurability via USB ports as well as dual in-line package (DIP) switches and various status displays. GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, QZSS and SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS/GAGAN) signals can be received.

The module supports NMEA, Motorola binary and u-blox binary, as well as SCPI (GPIB) communication protocols for easy configuration and monitoring, and is designed to allow plug-and-play retrofit of equipment designed for the legacy Motorola receivers, as well as provide an easy design-in for new customer applications, the company said.

The M12M is certified to operate as a plug-and-play upgrade to legacy equipment such as the Symmetricom/Microsemi XLI server, as well as the Jackson Labs Technologies Fury GPSDO, requiring no setup or configuration to operate in those products, and can thus be used to retrofit products for GLONASS/BeiDou compatibility. In the process, the module enhances all performance parameters such as time to first fix; position, velocity and timing accuracy; tracking sensitivity; the addition of SBAS (differential compensation) capability; and the addition of external interfaces such as USB and a synthesized frequency output.

The module supports a satellite tracking sensitivity of down to -167 dBm, allowing indoor reception in typical environments, a 1PPS output with better than 5-nanosecond real-mean-squared (rms) stability (quantization corrected), and a positioning accuracy of typically better than 0.3 meters rms (survey-in) or better than 0.7-meter rms horizontal even in high-dynamic environments such as aircraft missions.

Dynamic auto Kalman filter configuration software allows using changing Kalman filter parameters in real time for improved accuracy, with filter parameters being automatically set dependent on actual mission dynamics. The GNSS timing receiver also supports Auto Survey (Survey-in) operation with Position Hold mode and TRAIM, allowing single-satellite timing reception in challenged or denied stationary environments.

The module integrates a UTC (GNSS)-synchronized NCO synthesizer with buffered output that can generate a user-adjustable frequency from 0.25 Hz to over 10 MHz with extreme frequency accuracy when locked to the satellites. Additional features include operation from various power sources such as USB, or 3V via the M12M compatible connector, as well as a 7-segment LED status display, and numerous DIP switches for easy software-less configuration of the operating modes and desired GNSS systems to be enabled, Jackson Labs said. The module displays Satellite Status information including signal strengths and systems received, and can thus be used as a handheld antenna- and satellite signal distribution-system monitor.

Various optional programs can be used to configure, control and monitor the unit such as GPSD/NTP, GPSCon, Z38xx, u-blox uCenter, TimeKepper, TeraTerm Pro, WinOncore-12 and others. The industry-standard SCPI software interface supports easy-to-use English-language commands such as GPS?, HELP?, and others to monitor and configure the unit, while all advanced GNSS receiver functions such as capturing carrier phase data, assisted start, satellite setup and gating, and health monitoring features are also supported.

M12M Replacement Receiver module samples ship from stock, and are priced at $220 each.

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