Jackson Labs preps for GPS Week Rollover

March 28, 2019  - By

Jackson Labs Technologies has released the latest upgrades to its GPS simulator and transcoder product line.

Screenshot: Jackson Labs

Screenshot: Jackson Labs

The latest version of freeware application SimCon rev. 1.20 is now available. New features include:

  • Single-button GPS Week Number Rollover testing to test when GPS receivers will fail (hardly any will fail April 6; most older units will fail sometime between now and 2025).
  • Single-button GPS receiver leap second testing: Some GPS receivers might have an issue operating properly when the next leap second happens after the upcoming April 6 week number rollover, and SimCon makes that trivially easy to check.
  • Additional support for modern external GNSS receiver NMEA sentences for transcoding such as $GNGGA, $GLGGA, etc.
  • Improvements in GPS receiver switchover performance when switching from a fully GPS-denied area (running from INS) to GPS-available while transcoding in aircraft and vehicles.
  • This was fine-tuned based on extensive flight tests with the Navy/Air force.
  • Added support for the new Micro-Transcoder with its new Eval board.
Photo: Jackson Labs

Photo: Jackson Labs

Jackson Labs also announced a new product line, the PhaseStation ADEV Frequency Stability phase noise test system (signal source analyzer).

The test system is:

  • useful in testing signal performance in a host of products such as GPS or GNSS disciplined oscillators.
  • useful to qualify and evaluate local oscillator (LO) performance for GNSS receiver design, including GPS TCXO evaluation and parametrization.
  • stability measurements of 1PPS and arbitrary frequency outputs from GNSS receivers
  • useful in optimization of GNSS receiver Kalman filter design via the GNSS receiver 1PPS output signals.
  • automatically synchronizes and syntonizes (calibrates) the internal dual oscillator DOCXO option to external GNSS receivers via 1PPS input.
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