ITT Exelis Offers Signal Sentry to Detect Jamming Sources

April 10, 2013  - By
The Signal Sentry 1000.

ITT Exelis is offering the Signal Sentry 1000, a proprietary product  that detects, geolocates, and characterizes sources of intentional and unintentional interference to the U.S. GPS signals, and provides actionable intelligence to the user.

The system leverages GNSS signal domain knowledge, and is based upon patented technology developed through the company’s history of designing and fielding electronic intelligence systems, ITT Exelis said.

Leveraging Exelis GNSS signal domain knowledge, the system is implemented using commercially available GPS receiver and computer server/data technology. Actionable intelligence is available in the form of pin mapping of interference sources in addition to longitude/latitude/altitude data, all available through a web-enabled graphical user interface.

Signal Sentry 1000 can assist efforts to ensure GPS spectrum integrity and aid in law enforcement operations that require GPS availability. Benefits for users include:

  • Instantaneous identification and geolocation of jamming sources, improving situational awareness.
  • Detect multiple jamming occurrences, geolocate multiple jammers simultaneously in harsh electromagnetic environments.
  • Defend against disruption of GPS guidance, traffic and asset control systems.
  • Protect against interference of GPS tracking of high-value assets.
  • Quickly identify jamming sources in open forums and emergencies, detecting disruption of critical ¬†communications.