iTRAK Integrates Navigation and Wireless GPS Fleet Tracking

August 20, 2013  - By

Photo: iTRAK Corporation

iTRAK Corporation, a provider of GPS-based wireless fleet tracking, has integrated the patented iTRAK Fleet Executive (iFE) cloud-based software, the iTRAK WebApp software for tablets and smartphones, and iTRAK’s wireless GPS tracking equipment with the Magellan RoadMate Commercial 5190T-LM fleet navigation unit. The combined product will allow remote tracking of vehicles and handsets in the field, while integrating with the Magellan commercial product to provide in-cab navigation voice prompts and terminal text messaging.

The new product, combined with a heavy duty engine interface, will meet the new and emerging EOBR/ELD standards, while providing customers with the flexibility, efficiency and reduced liability required by today’s professional carriers and heavy duty equipment operators.

“Magellan is pleased to have iTRAK as a partner integrating the Magellan RoadMate Commercial 5190T-LM in their offer combining navigation, messaging and fleet tracking,” said Mark Perini, associate vice president of Product Marketing for Magellan.

The combined system provides fleet tracking using iTRAK’s patented iTRAK Fleet Executive (iFE) and iTRAK WebApp to remotely track vehicles and handsets in the field, while integrating with the Magellan RoadMate Commercial 5190T-LM commercial product to provide in-cab voice navigation and terminal messaging through the iFE cloud-based application. Features include:

  • Five-inch WVGA touch screen.
  • Customizable truck routes.
  • The truck road attributes can be turned off, so drivers can use the same navigation device in their personal passenger vehicles.
  • Free lifetime traffic alerts.
  • Multiple stop routing.
  • Hours of service tracking.
  • Optional engine interface: Both OBD-II and J1939 interfaces are supported. Engine data can be transmitted to the office by the iTRAK system.
  • Loud (93-dB) speaker.
  • Messaging to and from the vehicle.
  • Truck-specific POIs such as weigh stations and truck stops.
  • Bluetooth: The navigation device includes Bluetooth capability, to pair with and serve as the speaker for a smartphone.
  • Ability to phase implementation: The system is modular so it can be implemented in stages to help drivers adjust to the new technology

The combined product will provide affordable and safe fleet tracking, communication and navigation functions for commercial trucking, service vehicles, government, sales fleets and much more.

For more information contact iTRAK at 719-686-0100, or e-mail