iTrack Solutions Provides Web-Based Fleet Management Software

March 25, 2015  - By

Photo: Integrated Tracking Solutions

Integrated Tracking (iTrack) Solutions Loki Gen 6 is a web-based mapping software derived from a series of other Loki software products focused on asset tracking for large fleets of vehicles.

The maps are provided by Bing, but custom mapping can also be used with the support of Esri ArcGIS REST services and shapefiles.

iTrack Solutions is based in Calgary, Canada, and provides GPS tracking, mobile data communications and display software. The Loki Gen 6 features are listed below.

Home is a configurable dashboard showing plans, schedules, calendars and other details.

Live View
Live View shows the live BING map from anywhere in the world, which includes maps, satellite and aerial imagery as well as maps provided by the user. Video streams are supported, and a 3D viewing feature is provided from Cesium. A user can add or draw features on the map to share with other users.

itrack2 Photo: Integrated Tracking Solutions

Photo: Integrated Tracking Solutions

With this feature, users can communicate one-to-one or through a chat room, which includes video chat functionality.

An administrative user can assign tracking devices to vehicles, assign vehicles to subgroups, assign subgroups to larger groups or drivers to vehicles. An administrator also can set privileges for individual users.

Access to data
Users can generate and view a replay on the fly as well as generate reports for vehicle tracking, hours in service, mileage, stop location and speed.

Observations, Analysis
The forum feature provides a place group discussion, which becomes part of the Loki database, is searchable and can be linked to reports and replays.