InvenSense provides auto motion sensors for positioning

February 6, 2019  - By
Image: GPS World

InvenSense (TDK Corporation) has introduced a line of automotive high-accuracy devices: the IAM-20680, IAM-20680HP, IAM-20380 and IAM-20381.

According to the company, they are designed to enhance the absolute position of a vehicle in GNSS- and GPS-denied environments.

The IAM-20680 is a 6-axis qualified sensor that features 16-bit accelerometers and 16-bit gyroscopes.

The IAM-20680HP is a high-performance version of the IAM-20680 that features high gyroscope and offset thermal stability.

The IAM-20380 gyroscope is compatible with a 3-axis automotive accelerometer and an automotive-qualified 6-axis device.

The IAM-20381 is a 3-axis accelerometer compatible with a 3-axis automotive gyroscope and an automotive-qualified 6-axis device.

The IAM-20680HP and IAM-20680 can be used to improve estimates of position, direction and speed when GNSS is denied, as well as improve quality of the position estimation when the satellite signal is strong.

Customers can design with the IAM-20680 and can use the IAM-20680HP when navigating in high temperature environments or for systems where cooling is weak or unavailable.