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Interactive infographic by Geotab shows evolution of Interstate highways

July 10, 2018  - By
Image: GPS World

Geotab has released an interactive infographic depicting the evolution of America’s iconic Interstate Highway System.

The interactive timeline allows users to watch the network expand over the years, providing a detailed look at the development of the infrastructure that has supported transportation and trade across the America for several decades.

Today, the Interstate Highway System accounts for 25 percent of all highway traffic in the United States. As the system nears a major milestone, with the total network approaching 50,000 miles in length, Geotab created the interactive infographic to highlight the development of the highway system in the U.S. throughout the years.

Since its inception in 1956, the Interstate Highway System has been regarded as the backbone of U.S. commerce and infrastructure, playing a vital role in America’s economic growth. The map highlights major developments over the last 60 years, such as the 1974 completion of the I-5 that now connects Mexico and Canada with a singular route and the opening of the I-80, the country’s first coast-to-coast highway.

Geotab’s “Evolution of the Interstate” infographic provides the public with the ability to watch the Interstate Highway System expand over the years, enabling them to engage with particular dates and sections of the extensive network. The interactive map also includes relevant details about the city each highway serves, the length of that specific highway, and provides the total mileage covered by the entire network in any given year.

“As America’s Interstate Highway System approaches a major milestone, we wanted to pay tribute to this intricate and expansive network,” said Maria Sotra, vice president of marketing at Geotab. “Connecting people, enabling business and providing a straightforward path across one of the largest countries in the world, the nearly 50,000 miles of highway that makes up the Interstate Highway System has played an undeniable role in transportation and trade in the United States.”

Explore the interactive map.