Institute of Navigation announces “International GNSS Day”

October 23, 2023  - By
Image: ION

Image: ION

In recognition of the indispensable role GNSS plays in shaping the modern world, the Institute of Navigation (ION) has established “International GNSS Day,” which would occur annually on October 23.

This date, written as 10/23, was chosen in honor of the frequency of 10.23 MHz, the original heartbeat of all GPS satellites, signals and receivers. This frequency was later adopted by all GNSS service providers and serves as the basis of L-band signals for over 100 navigation satellites today.

International GNSS Day aims to highlight the global impact of satellite navigation in diverse sectors, including transportation, agriculture, aviation, surveying and more. It provides a platform to recognize the collaborative efforts of nations, organizations and individuals in advancing GNSS technology. ION pays special tribute to the developers of GPS, celebrating 50 years since its inception this year.

By declaring “International GNSS Day,” ION seeks to raise awareness and appreciation for the critical role GNSS plays in navigating the course of our interconnected world.

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