Infrastructure and technology documentary series available from Topcon

March 20, 2019  - By
Photo: Topcon

Photo: Topcon

A series of documentary videos on automation and technology in the construction and agriculture industries covers drone inspection of infrastructure among other new trends. Filmed in the U.S., the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Germany, the series of brief films produced by Topcon Positioning Group emphasizes how technological advancements have changed infrastructure — how it is designed, built and maintained — and what to expect going forward.

“The infrastructure industry is changing quickly, and this video series highlights how this advancement is part of a larger story of technology changing the paradigm everywhere. To stay on top, businesses will need to adopt automation and new technology,” according to Topcon spokesperson Jackie Ferreira.

A spokesperson from Intel describes how drone inspection facilitated data gathering and project planning for a complex restoration project on the Great Wall of China, in an area with very difficult access.

Click here to watch the first installment.