provides digital twins for water industry

March 17, 2021  - By
Photo: tuachanwatthana/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Photo: tuachanwatthana/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Release follows $1 billion Innovyze acquisition announcement by Autodesk

Water infrastructure software company Innovyze has released, a cloud-based, artificial intelligence-powered platform for real-world water lifecycle management.

Combined with Info360 Insight, a data visualization and workflow solution, the platform enables dynamic digital twins for the water industry.

Dynamic Digital Twins are virtual models of real-world assets and systems that can learn and adapt to changing circumstances. Built upon Amazon Web Services (AWS), is uniquely designed to support Dynamic Digital Twins by gathering and unifying asset information, connecting live and historic performance data to Innovyze as well as third-party applications.

Autodesk Inc. announced March 1 it signed a definitive agreement to acquire Portland, Oregon-based Innovyze for $1 billion net of cash subject to working capital and tax closing adjustments.  Autodesk’s digital-twin strategy creates a clearer path to a more sustainable and digitized water industry, the company said.

This context-aware platform can predict future performance using synchronized computational models that become more intelligent as they’re used. provides recommended best-case actions that can help water utilities maintain the highest levels of service, capacity and efficiency.

Due to water system complexity and static operating budgets, many water utilities have struggled to adopt the digital transformation technologies that would allow them to improve predictability and performance. Using the power of the cloud, is financially and operationally more accessible, powerful and flexible than traditional on-premise systems.

“The complex, physical properties of water and massive, underground infrastructure that must be monitored and managed make digitization extremely challenging for water utilities,” said Colby Manwaring, Chief Executive Officer at Innovyze. “We’ve combined 35 years of expertise in water management with the power of the cloud to bridge the data and technology gaps that have kept water utilities from truly capitalizing on Digital Twins with our new platform. This is a game-changer in making digital transformation achievable for water utilities of any size.”

The new Info360 Insight SaaS application provides utilities with customizable dashboards and KPIs that track and visualize the real-time performance of the entire water distribution system. Performance data can be used and analyzed for daily operations, such as pipe break detection and water loss. The same data can also be used to plan for future maintenance and capacity fluctuations, with seamless integration into the hydraulic model.

“Info360 Insight is the first of several SaaS applications we’re delivering for the platform, all offering advantages to utilities like easy onboarding, infinite scalability, and rigorous security out of the box,” said Rick Gruenhagen, CTO at Innovyze. “Better yet, the Info360 platform architecture incorporates cutting-edge technologies like predictive analytics and artificial intelligence tuned specifically for the water lifecycle, allowing utilities of all sizes to stay at the forefront of innovation without the need to maintain complex software or hire hordes of IT experts. As a result, utilities will have the technology foundation they need to deliver the highest possible service at the lowest possible cost.”

Info360 Insight provides real-time ingestion and analysis of SCADA data, along with 24/7 event monitoring, enabling utilities to detect incidents within their infrastructure. The system can check multiple resolution scenarios and apply recommended actions to resolve the failure as quickly as possible — ensuring a higher level of service and reliability.