Indoor Location with SiRFusion from CSR

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Image: GPS World

Sponsored by: CSR
Broadcast date: Thursday, December 4, 2014
On-Demand Available Until: Friday, December 4, 2015
Speakers: Dave Huntingford, Director of Product Management for Location, CSR; Dimitri Rubin, Senior Director of Emerging Technologies, CSR; Murray Jarvis, Consultant, CSR
Summary: Indoor location has become a hot topic, carrying the promise of ubiquitous location and user context. Set to take social networking, analytics, content targeting and enterprise efficiency applications to a new level, the technology hails from a high pedestal. SiRFusion TM from CSR is a new, innovative and technically disruptive solution, combining multiple sources of information to create high quality and accurate indoor positioning, without the need for new infrastructure or site surveys. Join CSR’s experts in Indoor Location, Dave Huntingford and the CSR SiRFusion team, to learn how this innovative indoor location technology can create new revenue streams for you through accurate understanding of your customers’ location indoors. Webinar topics:

  • Commercial applications for indoor location
  • SiRFusion – solving the indoor challenge via fusion of multiple technologies, including WiFi, BT Smart, GNSS & MEMS
  • Challenges and solutions for Pedestrian Dead Reckoning & BT Smart beaconing
  • SiRFusion performance results in real world situations

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