Imaging tech from Australia’s Spookfish heads to North America

April 11, 2018  - By
Image: GPS World

Australian geospatial startup Spookfish has won a major Asia Pacific industry award for exporting imaging technology to the North American market.

Spookfish has partnered with U.S.-based EagleView Technology Corporation, a North America provider of aerial imagery, and the two companies have collaborated to develop new technologies to meet the demands of the North American market.

In mid-2017, EagleView placed its first large order for multiple Spookfish platforms following an extensive flight-test program. Spookfish is now building the platform in significant volumes to meet EagleView’s demands.

Meanwhile, rollout of the Spookfish imaging technology for Australian customers is underway. Perth-based Spookfish offers high-resolution imagery of Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide online, with Sydney and Brisbane in the works.

Spookfish’s technology enables rapid imaging of vast areas in high resolution from a multitude of angles at a fraction of the cost of contemporary systems, the company claims. Spookfish aims to use these capabilities to make it easy for organizations of all sizes to gain access to premium imagery content and pervasive 3D models allowing concise, accurate and cost effective decision-making.

The Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards (APSEA) showcase excellence within the spatial industry. Presented at Locate & GeoSmart Asia Conference in Adelaide, Australia, the APSEA award recognizes Spookfish’s success in innovating, commercializing and exporting its imagery capture and processing technology. Spookfish took home the APSEA Export Award after competition from companies around the Asia Pacific region.

“This is an exciting achievement for Spookfish and the beginning of a substantial export opportunity for Australia,” said Spookfish CEO Jason Waller. “The award is a testament to the entire Spookfish team and their ability to research, innovate and successfully bring new technology into operation.

“Spookfish has begun delivering multiple systems to our strategic partner, EagleView Technologies, with the export program generating significant revenue from capture systems and expected future royalty payments.

“More importantly, the partnership with EagleView delivers extensive benefits to our Australian customers because as our world-leading technology continues to develop, it immediately becomes available in the domestic market.”