IGN France International to Update Congo’s Roadway Database

March 23, 2015  - By
Photo credit: © Vincent LECAMUS/ IGN FI

Photo credit: © Vincent LECAMUS/ IGN FI

A contract between the Congolese Ministry of Roads and Public Works and IGN France International for a preliminary study on updating the country’s existing roadways database was signed on Jan. 12 at the Congolese Embassy in France.

Once this database is fully operational it will be used as a decision-making tool for the Ministry and various institutions in charge of road network maintenance, as well enabling the management of Congo’s road heritage.

IGN France International will carry out a preliminary study for the Ministry, which aims to update the existing roadways database for the whole of the country.

Among those present at the signing of the contact was a large Congolese delegation led by the Ministry of Roads and Public Works Minister, Emile Ouosso.

Photo credit: ©Aude ARESTE-LAMENDOUR / IGN FI

Photo credit: ©Aude ARESTE-LAMENDOUR / IGN FI

This project is the next phase of an overall program of large-scale works undertaken by the Congolese government since 2009, which have already included the extension and improvement of the country’s road network, which no longer resembles the map created by IGN — French National Institute for Geographic and Forest Information — in 1993.

The preliminary study will define:

  • the expected functionalities of the future database;
  • the status of reference data;
  • the status of various “trades;”
  • the general organization to be implemented for the effective update of the database;
  • the equipment required for data acquisition, treatment and conservation;
  • and the knowledge transfer to be provided in order that work can be carried out locally.

This database will constitute a road heritage management and decision-making tool for the Ministry.

At present, the National Transport program (PNT) adopted by the Parliament of Congo in 2007 remains the general framework governing the actions to be taken in terms of the construction, rehabilitation or maintenance work on roadway infrastructures includes in the societal program created by the President of the Republic.