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Harxon introduces new GNSS and helix antennas

October 11, 2023  - By


Image: Harxon

Image: Harxon

Harxon has launched its new survey GNSS antenna, HX-CSX600A, and helix antenna, HX-CUX615A, designed for high-accuracy positioning applications across the geospatial industry. These two antennas are set to debut at INTERGEO 2023.

Survey GNSS antenna HX-CSX600A 

HX-CSX600A boasts a pre-filtered Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) offering exceptional out-of-band rejection, ensuring strong anti-interference performance even in challenging environments. It is designed for high-precision GNSS applications, including agricultural vehicles, small robots and surveying.

The new antenna offers reliable and consistent satellite signal tracking across a wide range of frequency bands, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS, IRNSS, SBAS, as well as L-Band correction services. With advanced multipoint feeding technology, HX-CSX600A maintains a stable phase center variation.

Built with an IP67-rated compact and ruggedized housing, this antenna is designed to withstand dust, rain, sunlight, shock and vibration. Its standard TNC-K connector and pole mount aims to simplify the integration process.

Helix antenna HX-CUX615A 

HX-CUX615A is the housed version of Harxon’s HX-CUX012A, designed for UAVs. Its low profile design and simple integration process makes this antenna ideal for various UAV applications such as aerial photography, remote sensing, infrastructure inspection, traffic control and public security.

Equipped with a pre-filtered LNA, HX-CUX615A offers out-of-band interference rejection to mitigate unwanted electromagnetic interference and provide reliable GNSS signals for seamless integration into positioning solutions.

This light-weight antenna also adopts patented D-QHA (Dual-Quadrifilar Helix Antenna) technology, ensuring stable wide-angle circular polarization (WACP) performance. This results in low-elevation satellite tracking, while maintaining high gain and reliable signal tracking – even in challenging environments.

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