GTOP launches Titan X1 multi-interface GNSS patch antenna module

March 1, 2017  - By
The Titan X1 GNSS antenna.

The Titan X1 GNSS antenna.

GlobalTop Technology, maker of positioning modules with embedded antennas, has launched the Titan X1, a compact multi-GNSS patch module for applications where small footprint, ease of integration and flexible interface options are essential in addition to robust positioning performance.

At 12.5 x 12.5 mm, Titan X1 is one of the smallest embedded patch antenna GNSS modules based on Mediatek’s MT3333 chipset. It features a specially tuned (12 x 12 mm) GPS+GLONASS patch antenna that offers excellent performance for a module so small.

Titan X1 offers a fully integrated design as standard, with a complete set of components including TCXO, RTC Crystal, SMPS, SAW filter and an additional LNA, all of which are considered vital for optimum performance.

Titan X1’s introduces multi-interface support (UART, I2C and SPI), and includes external antenna detection circuit with interface so users don’t have to choose between compact size and advanced features.

“We understand the growing need for ultra-small positioning modules, especially those with embedded antennas,” said Sam Khan, vice CEO of GlobalTop Technology. “But we don’t believe in compromising essential components and functions for the sake of a smaller size. With Titan X1 we show our commitment to making ultra-compact modules that lack nothing in terms of interfaces and functions compared to their larger counterparts. IOT devices are getting smaller but more complex with most devices featuring a wide array of sensors and connectivity modules. Being just a receiver radio, we believe that integrating a positioning module to an IOT device should be the easiest part of the development and Titan X1 is perfect for that.”

Samples of Titan X1 are available now, with mass production starting March 30.