GT-1 Tracks Equipment in Remote Locations, Extreme Conditions

March 4, 2013  - By
GT-1 Asset Tracker, the world’s most reliable asset tracker combining GPS, RFID, Bluetooth and Satellite technologies into one compact design. Photo: Geoforce

GT-1 asset tracker combines GPS, RFID, and Bluetooth technologies. Photo: Geoforce

Geoforce, Inc. is announcing commercial availability of its GT-1 asset tracking device that can track field equipment in locations and conditions previously too challenging for other devices to function effectively. A globally certified GPS device, the GT-1 enables oil and gas service providers to proactively monitor and share data on vehicles and equipment for more cost effective operations, helping to meet ongoing environmental responsibilities, the company said.

“We have been waiting a long time for a device like this,” said Michael Rolston, operations manager at Permian Equipment Rentals.  “It’s small, it’s incredibly rugged, it will last years without replacement. It’s also surprisingly low cost — given all its features and capabilities.”

The GT-1 was previously offered in limited release to several major international service and rental companies beginning in the fourth quarter of 2012. To date, thousands have shipped and are actively tracking oilfield assets around the globe.