GPS-powered advertising geo-targets moving vehicles

November 4, 2015  - By

With the service, media players display a content loop with information specific to the vicinity of the vehicle.

MediaSignage has released GPS-powered, location-based services (LBS) for digital signage. The tool provides specific geo-targeting of advertising campaigns based on the location of the screen.

The GPS-enabled location targeting works well for buses, taxis and trains, because advertisers can more easily target their digital signage content based on a targeted geographic radius, MediaSignage said in a press release.

For instance, a taxicab may provide digital signage behind the headrest and allow local advertisers to target messages to patrons that ride within the cab. When a moving car, bus or train enters the desired radius (such as close to a specific restaurant or local venue), the installed media player displays a new content loop with information specific to the vicinity. Once the media player moves out of that vicinity, the original content loop resumes.

MediaSignage has designed the tool to be simple and affordable, enabling any business owner to have their message presented in a matter of a few minutes. Users can log in to StudioLite, set the radius on a map, and set the priority duration for each content resource that is to be displayed. Users can set radius location information for several desired areas within a geographic footprint.

When users combine the power of GPS tracking into moving digital signage, the ability to target for advertising purposes becomes extremely powerful, MediaSignage said. Placing local advertisements in taxi, bus, train and even Uber cars provides a powerful tool for selling ads and targeting customers.

“We are extremely pleased and excited by this latest feature implementation within our system,” said MediaSignage president Nate Nead. “It provides an additional value-adding tool for digital signage business owners and operators, allowing them to better monetize their display screens in a host of different and non-traditional environments. We hope our users will take full advantage of the new features and that the features will provide a profit-enhancing tool for their businesses.”