GNSS Interference Detection and Mitigation for UAV Navigation

July 15, 2016  - By
Image: GPS World

Sponsored by: Loctronix Corporation
Broadcast Date: Thursday, May 22, 2014
Host: Dr. Michael B. Mathews,
CEO and Founder, Loctronix Corporation
Speakers: Franck Boynton,
Vice President and CTO, NavtechGPS; Peter F. MacDoran, Chief Scientist, Loctronix Corporation; Michael O. Davies, Senior Engineer, Loctronix Corporation
Summary: The need for robust, highly-reliable, navigation information in GNSS-denied environments is fast becoming a critical issue for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) / unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in both commercial and military applications.  Total reliance on GNSS can lead to disastrous consequences when signals are interfered with or obstructed. Low-cost, non-SAASM, GPS sensors are particularly vulnerable to jamming and interference. Attendees will learn how robust, cost-effective Hybrid GNSS Technologies (HGT) offer unique capabilities for UAV navigation in environments where traditional GPS receivers may fail.  Combining signals of opportunity (SoOps), inertial sensing, and multi-frequency GNSS using Spectral Compression Positioning, assures continuous navigation by detecting typical GNSS interference and mitigating their effects through alternative navigation means.
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