VUEWorks and CitySourced Announce Plans for a More Powerful Citizen Request Application

June 13, 2012  - By
Image: GPS World

VUEWorks and CitySourced announced plans to form a broad strategic partnership that would use their complementary strengths and expertise to enhance their GIS-based mobile and web applications that enable citizens to report concerns, opinions, and requests directly to the government.


According to the announcement, VUEWorks and CitySourced intend to jointly create market-leading mobile products and services designed to offer citizens and governmental agencies an unrivalled choice and opportunity. As each company would focus on its core competencies, the partnership would create the opportunity for rapid time to market execution. Additionally, VUEWorks® and CitySourced plan to work together to integrate key assets and create completely new service offerings, while extending established products and services to new markets.

Under the partnership:

  • VUEWorks and CitySourced will collaborate on joint marketing initiatives and a shared development roadmap to align on the future evolution of mobile products.
  • CitySourced content and application store will be integrated with VUEWorks for a more compelling consumer experience.
  • VUEWorks is able to provide its existing citizen portal to customers desiring a lightweight solution while now being able to offer a more robust citizen facing mobile application to meet the business needs of the municipalities we serve.

“We are excited about this partnership with CitySourced,” said Allen Ibaugh, CEO of VUEWorks. “VUEWorks and CitySourced will combine our strengths to deliver incredible expertise in software innovation and a proven ability to execute. The CitySourced-VUEWorks partnership provides an end-to-end solution from problem identification to operations and maintenance.”

“We’re very excited to partner with VueWorks to offer an integrated service,” said Jason Kiesel, CEO of CitySourced. “Municipalities want to unify work processes, while continuing to increase services to citizens; our two companies are working towards this end goal by using our resident facing mobile app to create services requests directly within VueWorks. We plan to roll out this reporting solution to municipalities nationwide and abroad.”


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