SuperGeo Technologies Introduces SuperPad 3.1

May 16, 2012  - By
Image: GPS World

SuperGeo Technologies introduces SuperPad 3.1, which mainly enhances the user interface, adjusts toolbar icons, adds SBAS extension, and improves the display of GPS status. For customization, SuperPad 3.1 provides sample codes for developing extensions and offers Microsoft Visual Studio templates to assist users in developing the functions they need. To have a smoother GIS workflow, SuperPad 3.1 improves the connection with SuperGIS Server 3 to make data synchronization more effective.

User Interface Enhancement

  • To enhance the efficiency of data editing and collecting, SuperPad 3.1 improves the user interface and toolbar allocation. Therefore, users are able to achieve the task target with better efficiency.
  • To have the toolbar button display more clearly, SuperPad 3.1 adjusts the icon style and size so that users can choose the most suitable icon size for different mobile devices.

Newly-Added SBAS Extension

  • The whole new SBAS extension supports to turn on SBAS function of mobile device to improve the accuracy of GPS data collection.
Providing Custom Samples and Templates
  • A number of sample codes of extensions are provided; users can directly use the objects of SuperGIS Mobile Engine to design the GIS functions they need.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio templates for customizing GIS functions are provided so that users can customize SuperPad with ease.

Improved Capability of Synchronizing SuperGIS Server Data


  • The capability of synchronizing the map data published by SuperGIS Server is improved. Thus, users can synchronize the data with SuperGIS Server while surveying outdoor.
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