Intermap Introduces NEXTMap World 30

June 8, 2012  - By
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Intermap announced the release of NEXTMap World 30, the first and only commercial 3D terrain product to provide seamless, void free coverage, with a 30 meter ground sampling distance, across the entire 150 million square kilometers of the Earth’s surface.

According to the announcement, satellite images provide 2D datasets, which are not always sufficient for business planning purposes or government feasibility studies. Filling the void for accurate and reliable height data, Intermap’s NEXTMap World 30 offers the most comprehensive digital surface models for the entire world. The NEXTMap World 30 dataset can benefit planners in multiple industries including telecommunications, energy, agriculture, risk planning, water management, topographic mapping, military and a host of government services.

Intermap reports the key benefits of NEXTMap World 30 include:

  • Accurate: NEXTMap World 30 aggregates data from ASTER, SRTM and GTOPO using worldwide control, combined with Intermap’s proprietary data fusion technology, to create the most seamless, void-filled and consistent dataset with accuracies starting at 5 meters.
  • Comprehensive: Other products available in the market offer up to only 30 percent of the Earth’s surface. With NEXTMap World 30, customers have available to them 100 percent coverage of the earth’s surface. The combination of photogrammetry, interferometry and LiDAR technologies provides the most detailed and current elevations of the entire Earth.
  • Affordable: NEXTMap World 30 pricing can be as low as $0.01 per square kilometer.
  • Updated: NEXTMap World 30 is regularly enhanced with the very latest and best elevation data. Under the NEXTMap Maintenance program, customers can enjoy regular NEXTMap World 30 updates automatically.
  • Flexible: NEXTMap World 30 is ideal for applications such as image orthorectification, line-of-sight calculations, feature extraction and topographic map development, flood risk management, infrastructure planning, precision farming, emergency response and 3D visualization.

“The availability of Intermap’s NEXTMap World 30 product will have a tremendous impact on plantation planning and management,” said LF Lee, Managing Director, Agribusiness Publishing Sdn Bhd, in Malaysia. “In the plantation industry, for example, knowledge of land elevation and bare ground or terrain elevations is essential to identifying and screening out unsuitable areas initially; and for planning of infrastructures, land conservation measures and drainage requirements later on. Unfortunately, most developing countries—where plantation projects are usually located—only have access to topographic sheets with wide contour intervals of dubious reliability.”

“Intermap’s new NEXTMap World 30 data will definitely fill the void for accurate and reliable height data,” said Perry Mandeville, President of PT Earthline in Jakarta, Indonesia. “With Asia growing so quickly, there is a need for quality 3D geospatial information that 2D satellite images cannot provide.”

“NEXTMap World 30 is an excellent way for governments and commercial enterprises to cost-effectively perform their important elevation work,” said Todd Oseth, Intermap president and CEO. “We’re looking forward to bringing the benefits of NEXTMap World 30 to customers and partners everywhere.”


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