GeoEye Expands Tampa Office to Address the U.S. Military’s Growing Demand

June 13, 2012  - By
Image: GPS World

GeoEye, Inc. announced the expansion of its Tampa office to support the growing demand for its services across the U.S. military. This growing presence builds on the tremendous success GeoEye customers have had using its advanced analytic assessments to discover geospatial patterns that allow our warfighters and allies to find and thwart adversaries around the globe.


According to the announcement, Tampa is the headquarters for the United States Special Operations and Central Commands and home to other U.S. military organizations. In addition to supporting its U.S. military customers there, GeoEye considers Tampa to be an attractive area to recruit data scientists, geospatial analysts and other technical talent motivated to safeguard our most pressing national security interests.

GeoEye reports that the office in Tampa is one component of a virtual analytics center of excellence that will aggregate and analyze unclassified imagery and open source data to predict areas where threats are more likely to emerge across Africa, Asia and other parts of the world.  Using these resources GeoEye Analytics recently analyzed patterns of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in Central Africa identifying its operating behavior and area preferences which predicted areas of concern that matched where key LRA leadership was recently apprehended.

Matt O’Connell, GeoEye’s chief executive officer and president, commented, “GeoEye Analytics has become a critical part of our business. Last year, our analytics team brought GeoEye two of its top 10 customers. We’ve seen a steady increase in the demand for geospatial analytical support to intelligence agencies and Combatant commands who manage global threats. We think this demand is defined in the Defense Budget guidance that reflects a growing need for our solutions. Building and deepening analytic expertise has also been noted as a top priority by our intelligence customers.”

Alex Dunmire, senior program manager of the Tampa office, added, “We combine earth imagery, geospatial expertise, and enabling technology to help intelligence analysts, military planners and law enforcement personnel who need a deep understanding of our changing world to protect lives and make confident resource allocation decisions. Our predictive analytics capability has clearly made a difference for our clients and we’re looking forward to new opportunities to contribute to our Nation’s public safety and national security requirements.”

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