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Geotab’s Telematics Connect with Mobileye for Collision Prevention

April 29, 2014  - By
Image: GPS World

Geotab, a telematics engineering company, is announcing its J1939 integration launch with Mobileye’s Advanced Driver Assistance System — the Mobileye 560. In combining these two solutions, businesses with heavy-duty fleets will be able to use advanced warning alerts to reduce the likelihood of vehicle crashes from occurring.

In addition to the reports provided by Mobileye and Geotab that target unsafe driving practices, the solution also provides lane departure warnings, forward collision warnings, pedestrian and bicyclist warnings, distance keeping (headway) warnings, and speeding alerts. The ultimate goal is to give drivers added visibility and insight in the unexpected moments they need it most.

Edward Kulperger, VP of Business Development for Geotab, commented on the cooperation by explaining that “fleet management technology has evolved to include proactive and dynamic solutions that incorporate real time data in the vehicle and in a fleet’s operations to predict and alert both safety and efficiency elements of fleets.” Isaac Litman, Mobileye Inc.’s CEO, Mobileye Aftermarket, said, “With Geotab, we have provided businesses with an unbeatable driver monitoring and evaluation system. It is the one of the most effective risk management tools available in the marketplace today.” This enthusiasm was also mirrored by Neil Cawse, Geotab’s CEO, “The ease in which businesses can adopt this technology makes it possible for fleet managers to show real savings that make an impact on the bottom line.”

According to Mobileye, fleets using this collision avoidance technology typically realize a return on their investment in about 6-8 months. The benefits are abundant: Safe driving habits are significantly improved, costs associated with accidents are reduced or completely avoided, smooth driving patterns are reinforced on a continuous basis, and fuel and maintenance costs are minimized. Geotab and Mobileye are working together to bring the solution to the global market.