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Geotab Keyless helps car-sharing fleets pool assets

October 20, 2020  - By
Photo: MStudioImages/E+/Getty Images

Photo: MStudioImages/E+/Getty Images

Connected transportation company Geotab has unveiled Geotab Keyless, a platform solution that integrates a secured digital key function with a comprehensive and data-driven fleet management product. Announced at the company’s third annual Geotab Mobility Connect conference, this combined solution is enabling a new class of car sharing by allowing public, corporate, leasing and government fleets to better analyze, pool, utilize and reduce their assets.

“We are proud to be the first fully-featured telematics provider bringing a unique data-driven, keyless solution to the burgeoning car sharing market,” said Christopher Mendes, VP, Electric Vehicles, Geotab. “Keyless vehicle access is critical not only for fleets seeking to improve cost and operational structures but also consumers, who are moving away from vehicle ownership and expecting an easier, more convenient driving experience.”

Car sharing on the rise

According to a 2019 research report from Berg Insights, worldwide car-sharing membership topped 50.4 million in 2018, with the report citing frontrunners including Germany, Italy, USA and South Korea. As the Latin American market continues to rapidly grow, numbers are forecast to hit approximately 227 million by the end of 2023.

Berg Insights also notes that several car makers, leasing companies and car rental companies are introducing car sharing solutions for corporate customers, with a goal to reduce mobility costs for enterprises by decreasing fleet capacity and the need for taxis and rental cars, while enabling self-booking and keyless access. Telematics and smartphones will play a pivotal role.

“Geotab Keyless is designed to enhance car sharing across every segment, including in-car delivery services in the future” added Mendes. “Keyless is particularly advantageous for electric vehicle (EV) car sharing fleets, as the solution can reliably manage vehicles’ state of charge (SOC), charging status and range remaining —a capability no other keyless hardware competitor possesses.”

Scalable platform

A simple-to-install, scalable platform solution, Geotab Keyless supports any make, model and year of vehicle that has a key fob, and provides access to the most extensive telematics data on the market including asset accounting, suitability analysis for corporate car sharing, vehicle management automation and remote vehicle management.

Fleet customers can pair their Geotab telematics solution with a vehicle reservation system software partner of their choice in order to best meet their individual business needs.

Global software partners for Geotab Keyless include Wunder Mobility, Ridecell, fleetster, Eccocar and Moove Connected Mobility. Or fleet customers can create their own reservation software using Geotab’s Keyless APIs.

How Geotab Keyless works

Once a key fob is embedded into the hardware, drivers open their third-party software app on their phone (which is integrated with their MyGeotab platform), locate the OEM button on the screen and use the features to lock, unlock and start the vehicle.

In addition to phone apps, the keyless functionality can be enabled by NFC tags and directly over the cellular connection. Over time, the solution will expand to include other applications and third-party digital key hardware solutions, as well as OEM telematics’ APIs.

“In an increasingly dynamic world, on-demand free-floating shared mobility options are enabling new and innovative business opportunities for government and commercial fleets,” said Jean Pilon-Bignell, VP of Business Development, Government and Smart Cities. “By integrating this capability with a world-class telematics platform, fleets can have confidence in the fact that their shared mobility investments are backed by real data and analytics.”

Data-driven insight

Currently equipping more than 2.1 million vehicles with its telematics technology, Geotab provides data-driven insights to over 40,000 customers worldwide and enables users to customize their solution through a suite of more than 150 hardware add-ons, software add-ins and applications available on the Geotab Marketplace.

As a result, the company processes more than 40 billion data points each day from Geotab-connected vehicles around the world. With active devices present in more than 130 countries, Geotab’s solutions are sold through its global network of Authorized Geotab Resellers.

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