FM Series GPS Receiver Module Brings High-Position Accuracy in Small Package

October 30, 2013  - By
Photo: Linx Technologies

Photo: Linx Technologies

Linx Technologies announces its launch of the self-contained, high-performance FM GPS receiver modules. At 15 x 13 millimeters in size, the MediaTek MT3339-based FM Series gives the module fast lock times and high position accuracy even at low signal levels, the company said.

The module’s very low power consumption helps maximize run times in battery powered applications, such as positioning and navigation, location tracking, marine, and asset management, according to Linx Technologies.

Using the built-in MediaTek MT3339 chipset, The FM module can simultaneously acquire on 66 channels and track on up to 22 channels, providing standard NMEA data messages through a UART interface. A simple serial command set can be used to configure optional features.

The GPS receiver is completely self-contained and only requires an antenna. It powers up and outputs position data without any software set-up or configuration. As a result, the FM Series is easy to integrate, the company said.

With built-in hybrid ephemeris prediction technology, the FM Series predicts satellite positions for up to three days and delivers start times of less than 15 seconds under most conditions.

In addition, the available GPS Master Development System connects a FM Series Evaluation Module to a prototyping board with a color display that shows coordinates, speedometer and compass for mobile evaluation. A USB interface allows simple viewing of satellite data and Internet mapping, as well as custom software application development.

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  1. saurabh says:

    why this receiver is named as FM series…… is something to do frequency modulation?