FJDynamics releases reality capture and visual positioning systems

October 25, 2023  - By

FJDynamics has released the Trion P1, a compact handheld lidar scanner and the Trion V10i GNSS system, both with visual positioning. These systems were unveiled at INTERGEO 2023.  

Trion P1 lidar scanner

FJD Trion P1 lidar scanner. (Image: FJDynamics)

FJD Trion P1 lidar scanner. (Image: FJDynamics)

The simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)-based lidar scanner allows users to accurately digitize environments. With the ability to capture indoor, outdoor and underground environments, this compact scanner can be used across a variety of industries such as property management, disaster preparation, forestry and more.

“Our goal at FJDynamics is to bridge the gap between advanced technology and practical applications,” said Mike Zhao, senior product manager. “With the Trion P1 lidar scanner, we’re putting the power of reality capture into the hands of both seasoned professionals and those curious about 3D scanning.”

Key features of the scanner include a lidar capacity of 200,000 points per second, and real-time point cloud visualization on mobile devices via Trion Scan. In addition, it can calculate distance, area and volume.

Trion V10i GNSS system with visual positioning

FJD Trion V10i GNSS system with visual positioning. (Image: FJDynamics)

FJD Trion V10i GNSS system with visual positioning. (Image: FJDynamics)

The FJD Trion V10i GNSS System integrates two cameras for vision-guided surveying operations, an inertial measurement unit (IMU) for tilt surveys and an OLED screen for easy status checks. This technology is designed to enhance productivity in the field, even in hard-to-access locations.

The technology features IMU-based tilt compensation for precise measurements of up to 60 ° with no calibration needed. It also comes with a built-in 4G LTE and UHF and supports NFC, WiFi and Bluetooth. It also offers users seamless connectivity through Trion Survey Cloud for real-time data sharing between field and office teams.

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