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Exelis GPS Threat Detection Offers Improved Capabilities

September 11, 2014  - By



The Signal Sentry 1000.

The Signal Sentry 1000.

Based on customer use and feedback, Exelis has improved its Signal Sentry 1000 product to include enhanced, user-friendly analytics and alerts. Signal Sentry technology detects and locates sources of intentional and unintentional interference to GPS signals and provides users with actionable intelligence.

Exelis is showcasing Signal Sentry 1000 in Booth 619/621 at the ION GNSS+ conference September 10-12 in Tampa, Florida.

Enriched features of Signal Sentry 1000 include superior sensors that increase detection accuracy to better pinpoint the jamming source, enhanced analytics to recognize patterns of jamming, and easy-to-use history functionality to comprehend where interference happened and to follow its path. Instant reporting of jamming events via text or email so that appropriate resources may be deployed to an incident is also a new feature of Signal Sentry.

“Signal Sentry was developed by Exelis to protect critical infrastructure and to deliver intelligence to police agencies. Since Signal Sentry has been used by law enforcement, we have been able to enhance the products investigative and intelligent-led policing capabilities,” said Carl Slutsky, product line manager for Signal Sentry at Exelis. “Now, users can see patterns such as what happened and when and where it happened to better allocate their investigative resources. Additionally, we added an alert feature to Signal Sentry that provides real-time notice of a GPS jamming event, so law enforcement can dispatch a patrol unit to the precise location of the jamming event.”

Because of the broad availability of low-cost GPS jamming devices on the Internet, the risk associated with signal disruption has increased significantly. GPS jammers are often used by criminals to conceal stolen cars and by commercial drivers whose intent is merely to hide their location from their employer. Truckers who used personal-privacy GPS jammers near shipping ports have caused interference with the signal also used to navigate large ships, which severely compromised safety and the efficient operation of the port.

Signal Sentry leverages GNSS signal domain knowledge and is based upon patented technology developed through the company’s history of designing and fielding electronic intelligence systems. Exelis navigation payloads and components have been on board every U.S. GPS satellite ever launched and have more than 700 years of accumulated on-orbit success.

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