Esri offers instructor-led GIS classes online

April 15, 2020  - By

Logo: Esri

Over the last few weeks, many organizations have transitioned their workforce to remote work environments. At the same time, the demand for geographic information systems (GIS) products and skilled GIS professionals is high.

Esri announces that all of its instructor-led courses are available in its instructor-led online classroom, which is calls “an engaging learning environment that offers convenience and interactivity.”

The company lists these features:

  • Instructors and course attendees use the phone, chat, and virtual whiteboards to talk and collaborate in real time.
  • Group breakout sessions and content reviews support peer-to-peer learning and knowledge retention.
  • Attendees access all Esri software needed to complete course exercises through virtual machines.

“We understand that sustaining business operations and achieving your organization’s mission remains critical,” the Esri Training Team said in an email. “As always, we’re committed to helping you build the skills needed to apply ArcGIS best practices, fuel efficiencies and make the best decisions based on data.”

Esri offers the Esri Training Pass to streamline access to its online instructor-led classes. Users can pre-purchase training days to simplify training registration and approval processes throughout the year.