ESA seeks new PNT ideas for annual NAVISP workplan

February 17, 2022  - By

The European Space Agency is looking for navigation and positioning ideas, with its Navigation Innovation and Support Programme (NAVISP) seeking input by March 31.

NAVISP is divided into a trio of elements. Element 1’s scope of activities ranges from initial feasibility studies and viability analyses all the way to full proof of concept for promising positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) systems and services.

To compile its annual Element 1 workplan, NAVISP invites innovative PNT concepts from companies or academic entities across NAVISP participating states. Those interested can submit a 1-page description, along with notifying their national ESA delegation of their application. See details here.

NAVISP Industry Days took place in 2020 at at ESA’s ESTEC, The Netherlands. (Photo: ESA)

NAVISP Industry Days took place in 2020 at at ESA’s ESTEC, The Netherlands. (Photo: ESA)

The NAVISP Element 1 workplan supports cutting-edge European companies in development of novel PNT technologies and services. Underscoring the commercial priority of this field, 20 ESA Member States plus Canada have joined the program.

PNT underpins a 10th of Europe’s economy, according to ESA, in areas such as transport, precision agriculture, power, communication, banking and the fast-growing internet of things.

Satellite navigation, with signals from space extending across the globe, represents the single biggest source of PNT information, but these signals are not available in all locations and are vulnerable to natural or human-made interference.

NAVISP Element 1 is focused on innovation in PNT, involving novel concepts, techniques, technologies and systems along the entire value chain. They often combine GNSS with other solutions such as artificial intelligence, other sensors, adding Wi-Fi or 5G signals to PNT fixes, or employing high-altitude atmospheric platforms to supplement GNSS coverage over regions in need.

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