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Editorial Advisory Board PNT Q&A: Autonomous safety

July 16, 2019  - By

What is the biggest safety challenge for autonomous vehicles?

Photo: Orolia

John Fisher. (Photo: Orolia)

“Sharing the road with human drivers.  Optimized safe driving algorithms are compromised to mesh with the human’s natural level of risk taking. But this reduces safety, delaying acceptance — a real conundrum. Now, if we could just eliminate the humans…”
John Fischer

Julian Thomas

Julian Thomas

When AI systems can deal with 99.9% of situations, the challenge will be keeping the passenger engaged to take over quickly when the 0.1% happens. Imagine a truck in front with a load coming loose. Which one would you trust?”
Julian Thomas

Members of the EAB

Tony Agresta

Miguel Amor
Hexagon Positioning Intelligence

Thibault Bonnevie
SBG Systems

Alison Brown
NAVSYS Corporation

Ismael Colomina

Clem Driscoll
C.J. Driscoll & Associates

John Fischer

Ellen Hall
Spirent Federal Systems

Jules McNeff
Overlook Systems Technologies, Inc.

Terry Moore
University of Nottingham

Bradford W. Parkinson
Stanford Center for Position, Navigation and Time

Jean-Marie Sleewaegen

Michael Swiek
GPS Alliance

Julian Thomas
Racelogic Ltd.

Greg Turetzky

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