Digital Matter Embedded Introduces GPS Log Book Based on u-blox Technology

May 30, 2012  - By

Photo: Digital Matter Embedded

Digital Matter Embedded, a South African based provider of innovative technology providing electronic and software solutions for a wide range of Industry applications, has launched a compact GPS logging device which plugs into any vehicle’s cigarette lighter. The device, the GPS Log Book, is designed around u-blox’ NEO GPS receiver module to provide an easy way for drivers to automatically keep an accurate travel log book which can be securely accessed later from anywhere via a web interface. Information logged includes route, speed, and distance traveled. The device is targeted at businesses where tracking of vehicle usage is an important part of their cost control and accounting: taxi, emergency, and delivery services, as well as for traveling sales personnel.

“The GPS Log Book takes advantage of u-blox’ extremely sensitive GPS receiver technology to provide a simple and useful way to keep an accurate overview of vehicle usage,” said Alex Soldatos, general manager at Digital Matter Embedded. “The GPS Logbook provides a simple, cost-effective way for businesses to keep track of one of their most valuable assets: their cars.”

“The GPS Log Book takes full advantage of u-blox’ leading positioning technology: it requires fast satellite acquisition and re-acquisition speeds, small module size, and high sensitivity to allow the use of a very small GPS antenna,“ said Huub Robroek, regional sales manager at u-blox. “Basing their design on our NEO GPS module has resulted in an impressive, compact device that delivers useful and reliable vehicle usage data.”

The GPS Log Book uploads its log data on both PC or Mac via USB where a web interface application allows users to manage their devices, view trips, and add locations as well as many other useful functions including creating powerful, informative reports. Most notably, the log book can be generated for use with income tax return for individuals. Data is stored for more than five years and can be viewed at any time if required.

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