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Data Capture for GeoIntelligence

July 15, 2016  - By
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Broadcast Date: Thursday, May 8, 2014
Moderator: Art Kalinski,
Editor, GeoIntelligence Insider Newsletter
John Ciampa, CEO, Alta; Ted Ralston, Executive Program Manager, Soft Power Solutions; Paul Smith, General Manager, Cyclomedia; Dr. Peter VanAmburgh, Business Development, IIF Data
Summary: A steep-curve learning session on the current explosion of capture systems, made possible with cheap, small GPS and inertial measurement units.  New oblique capture systems, improvements in 3D model capture, very accurate ground capture (see the Februrary GeoIntelligence newsletter column on Cyclomedia), high-resolution drifting balloons (, cheap silent aerostats, unmanned autonomous air vehicles (UAVs), disposable UAVs, a new manned parafoil all-terrain vehicle (ATV) — yes, flying ATVs! — and more. Look into the future of data capture, because it’s coming at you fast, right now!
View Ted Ralston’s launch demo video from the webinar
View Dr. Peter VanAmburgh’s “Stalker” video from the webinar

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