CAST releases GPS wavefront generator

November 1, 2017  - By

CRPA and Attitude Determination Receiver Testing

The CAST-5000 by CAST Navigation produces a single coherent wavefront of GPS RF signals to provide repeatable testing in the laboratory environment or anechoic chamber. The system generates up to seven independent, coherent simulations that reference a single point. With an intercard carrier-phase error of less than one centimeter, the CAST-5000 is extremely accurate, the company said.

The system generates a wavefront of GPS when its GPS RF generator cards are operated in a ganged configuration. Each generator card provides a set of GPS satellites coherent with the overall configuration. Several RF generator cards may be utilized together, ensuring phase coherence among the bank of signal generator cards.

The CAST-5000 is the only Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) tester that allows a full end-to-end test of the antenna system. The CRPA antenna, antenna electronics and the GPS receiver can be tested as a unit with or without radiating signals.

CAST-5000 Features

  • Generates single coherent wavefront of GPS
  • 6 degrees of freedom (DOF) motion generation capability
  • Complete SV constellation editing
  • Post-mission processing via ICD-GPS-150/153
  • Differential/relative navigation
  • Antenna pattern modeling
  • Waypoint navigation
  • RAIM events
  • Multipath modeling
  • Spoofer simulation
  • Satellite clock errors
  • External trajectory input
  • External ephemeris and almanac
  • Several iono and tropo models
  • Modifiable navigation messag
  • Modeled selective availability
  • Time-tagged satellite events
  • Selectable host vehicle parameters

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