Car Dealership’s GPS Tracking System Saves Philadelphia Kidnap Victim

November 10, 2014  - By
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A GPS tracking device helped Philadelphia police rescue a woman who was kidnapped November 2 and apprehend the suspect who abducted her. A growing number of used car dealerships use the technology to protect their investments. This time it protected the life of an innocent victim of violent crime.

The NBC affiliate in Philadelphia covered the story on the air and posted it on its website.

Surveillance video showed the crime being committed. The brazen attack was shocking to watch — an innocent woman named Carlesha Freeland-Gaither was grabbed by a man who then forced her into a car parked at the curb. The man then got in the car and drove away.

Police investigating the crime immediately checked the surveillance video and discovered they could read the license number of the vehicle used by the kidnapper. When they checked the license number, they discovered the vehicle had been purchased from a used car dealership specializing in helping people with bad credit get car loans.

“‘Buy Here, Pay Here’ refers to the fact that the dealership is also serving as the lender,” said Eddie Bermudez, product development manager with Position Plus of Lake Forest, California. “These lenders take a big risk lending money to people who other lenders won’t touch.”

The BHPH industry found GPS tracking systems to be a big help when a borrower is delinquent on their loan payments. The Position Plus system is used by almost 1,500 dealerships across the country.

“The lender places a small GPS tracking device in the vehicle,” Bermudez said. “As long as their loan payments are current, there’s no problem. But if they go delinquent, the lender has the option of using the GPS tracking device to locate the vehicle. This makes the process of repossessing the vehicle much easier.”

The lenders each have a policy as to how they handle these situations. In most cases borrowers receive emails or text messages warning them they’re behind before repossession efforts are initiated.

Fortunately, the kidnapping in Philadelphia ended well. The vehicle was located in the parking lot of a shopping center. The suspect attempted to start the car, but he was completely surrounded by police. According to Bermudez, the PositionPlus system could have stopped him cold.

“If it had been our system, he wouldn’t have been able to start the car,” added Bermudez. “We can’t shut down the engine while it’s driving, but we can keep the vehicle from starting the next time the ignition is turned on.”

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  1. Brilliant – a great story. Using a vehicle tracking device might not be useful in quite the same way to most of us but it is reassuring