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In the field, capture up to 200 MHz of multi-channel bandwidth and return to your lab with a rich library of GPS and GLONASS signals and impairments to accelerate RF product designs and research. Add a camera for a complete view and map of your recording environment.

Averna’s RF Studio software and suite of award-winning RF test instruments set the standard for portability, flexibility and repeatability, empowering you to efficiently record and play back all common radio, video, and GNSS signals in the highest fidelity to accelerate RF projects and reduce travel and testing costs.

RF Studio: A Powerful Software for Easy RF Recording

Available with Averna’s RF recorders and for National Instruments’ USRP, the versatile RF Studio features signal templates for quick setup and recording. With the Noise Figure feature you can view and record weak signals under the noise floor, and with the Spectrum, Power, and Histogram views you can visualize and analyze all your captured RF spectrum.

With the optional DriveView™ module, you can capture a complete visual record and map of where you made your recordings to aid analysis and troubleshooting. As well, RF Studio’s plug-in architecture supports additional hardware, channels, user inputs, remote triggering and a distributed control interface to ensure the widest possible application.

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RF Studio is available with the following platforms

  1. National Instruments’ USRP
    RF Studio for the USRP is the only product on the market in its price range that offers the flexibility to cover a wide variety of use cases, thus making it a very competitive solution for general-purpose RF R&P. RF Studio gives NI USRP customers a turnkey RF R&P solution while also leveraging the flexibility and customization possibilities that have made this software-defined radio such a successful platform.
  2. Averna’s RF Record & Playback Solutions
    Our suite of RF test instruments sets the standard for portability, flexibility and repeatability, empowering RF device manufacturers to efficiently generate, record and play back all common radio, video, and navigation signals, ensuring complete test coverage and the highest quality for their RF products.
  • Multi-Channel, 50 MHz and 20 MHz Compact RF Recorders
  • RF Players and Signal Generators

Learn more about Averna’s RF Record and Playback Solutions

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