Automotive abstract: INS to protect against GNSS spoofing

October 6, 2016  - By


Using Tactical and MEMS Grade INS to Protect Against GNSS Spoofing in Automotive Applications

By Sashidharan Manickam and Kyle O’Keefe PLAN Group, Department of Geomatics Engineering, University of Calgary

This paper analyzes the GNSS signal authentication limits in using different grades of IMU (Tactical and MEMS) to detect errors in combination with different grades of GNSS receiver (Geodetic grade and Automotive). To test these combinations, a tightly-coupled 23 state navigation Kalman Filter is implemented with a constant velocity dynamics model for the position, velocity, attitude and clock states and first-order Gauss-Markov processes to model the 12 sensor errors.

Presented at ION GNSS+, September 2016.

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