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Roi Mit, CMO, Regulus Cyber

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Roi Mit is chief marketing officer of Regulus Cyber, a cybersecurity company based in Israel.

Posts by Roi Mit

Two years since the Tesla GPS hack Posted on 30 Aug 2021 in the From the Magazine & Transportation categories.

A spoofing experiment exposed cybersecurity issues with the Tesla Model 3, potentially affecting all vehicles relying on GPS as part of their sensor fusion. Read more»

COVID-19 impact revealed through the lens of GPS Posted on 01 Dec 2020 in the COVID-19 & Featured Stories & Latest News categories.

Movement, closeness, privacy — many things we took for granted a few months ago have become luxuries after the onset of COVID-19. To get an understanding of the scale and... Read more»

Using GPS as a weapon against coronavirus Posted on 21 Sep 2020 in the Featured Stories & Latest News & Mobile & Opinions categories.

By Roi Mit, CMO, Regulus Cyber GPS technology is doing far more than helping us navigate or receive accurate time. It is now being used to fight the spread of... Read more»