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Michael leads the Array Processing group at Roke Manor Research, where he also heads up Robust PNT technologies. His background encompasses military sensing, navigation and electronic warfare, and he has particular specialist interest in GNSS adaptive antenna systems and direction-finding technology. He gained a First-Class Master’s degree in electronic engineering with avionics from the University of York in 1999, and was awarded the Racal prize for best avionics degree.
Since joining Roke Manor Research he has worked on a multitude of advanced navigation systems for the military.  He has detailed technical knowledge of adaptive antenna GPS systems, and was jointly responsible for the development of a number of world-leading navigation protection systems utilizing interference cancellation, adaptive beamforming and direction finding. His work is in service on a variety of MoD and DoD airborne platforms around the world. He played a pivotal technical role in the ADAP programme for the U.S. military.
He specializes in the simulation, modelling and hardware implementation of advanced signal-processing algorithms, and has led a number of designs for military GNSS and navigation systems. While remaining primarily technical, he also undertakes product management, project management and business development activities.
Michael is well-known for his work, and in 2015 he was made a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation in recognition of his significant and sustained contribution to the field of navigation warfare. He has published a number of papers on GNSS interference countermeasures. His current work includes robust GNSS receiver design and true anti-spoof technology.
Aside from robust GNSS receivers and adaptive antennas, Michael leads a portfolio of other advanced military navigation technologies, including visual odometry for dismounted soldiers, inertial navigation, signals-of-opportunity, eLoran and integrated navigation systems.
He is a former vice-chair of the IET’s navigation executive committee and co-chair at the International Navigation Conference. Contact him at

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