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Dana Goward is president of the Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation. He is the proprietor at Maritime Governance LLC. In August 2013, he retired from the federal Senior Executive Service, having served as the maritime navigation authority for the United States. As director of Marine Transportation Systems for the U.S. Coast Guard, he led 12 different navigation-related business lines budgeted at more than $1.3 billion per year. He has represented the U.S. at IMO, IALA, the UN anti-piracy working group and other international forums. A licensed helicopter and fixed-wing pilot, he has also served as a navigator at sea and is a retired Coast Guard Captain.

Posts by Dana Goward

NASA report: Passenger aircraft nearly crashes due GPS disruption Posted on 08 Jul 2019 in the Latest News & Transportation categories.

A report filed with NASA’s Aviation Safety Reporting System and published in June outlines how a passenger aircraft flew off course during a period of GPS jamming and nearly crashed... Read more»

Congressman DeFazio: ‘GPS backup vital for national security’ Posted on 01 Jul 2019 in the Defense & Latest News & Opinions categories.

“It’s absolutely vital for national security that we get a terrestrial based, hard backup system [for GPS],” said Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR), chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.... Read more»

Jammers at dachas add to Russia’s ability to silence GPS Posted on 19 Jun 2019 in the GNSS & Latest News & Opinions categories.

A new investigative report by the Russian independent media group “The Project” into luxury dachas owned by high-ranking government officials revealed that most all include GNSS jammers among their amenities.... Read more»

ESA focuses on PNT vs GNSS, wants proposals Posted on 18 Jun 2019 in the GNSS & Latest News categories.

OK, perhaps the headline is a tad misleading. But in addition to its natural preoccupation with Galileo, the European Space Agency (ESA) has begun thinking and talking about PNT as... Read more»

$15M for GPS backup demo part of Congress’ march to terrestrial PNT Posted on 16 Jan 2019 in the Featured Stories & GNSS & Latest News categories.

Administration struggling to keep up. Most observers missed the $5 million for a GPS backup technology demonstration in the U.S. Department of Defense appropriation passed in September. Congressional staff say... Read more»

GPS to get terrestrial backup system Posted on 05 Dec 2018 in the Defense & Featured Stories & GNSS & Latest News categories.

On Dec. 4, President Trump signed the Frank LoBiondo U.S. Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2018. Included in that bill was the National Timing Security and Resilience Act of 2018.... Read more»

DOT ignoring GPS vulnerabilities — again Posted on 30 Nov 2018 in the Featured Stories & Latest News & Transportation & UAV/UGV categories.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s most recent document preparing for the future of self-driving cars almost entirely ignores positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) needs, according to the Resilient Navigation and... Read more»

GPS disrupted for maritime in Mediterranean, Red Sea Posted on 15 Nov 2018 in the Featured Stories & GNSS & Latest News & Transportation categories.

The U.S. Maritime Administration issued an expanded advisory for GPS disruptions in the Middle East. The new advisory renews and repeats warnings for the eastern Mediterranean and adds the Port of... Read more»