Asio Technologies unveils small navigation solution for UAS

September 15, 2022  - By

Light and with low power consumption, the NavGuard NOCTA Mini is a fully integrated day and night optical navigation module for jam-proof and spoof-proof operations

Photo: Asio Technologies

Photo: Asio Technologies

Asio Technologies has launched the NavGuard NOCTA Mini, a tiny jam-proof aerial optical positioning system for unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

NavGuard is a real-time optical navigation system that enables seamless and accurate autonomous GNSS-free navigation for tactical UAS platforms in areas where the GNSS signal is spoofed, jammed or unavailable. Using machine vision technology, artificial intelligence, advanced optics and sensor fusion, NavGuard can be installed on various unmanned aerial platforms to enable safe and sustainable 24/7 drone missions under complete GNSS blackout.

NavGuard’s new mini version, NOCTA Mini, is suitable for installation on small UAS. Lighter than other NavGuard systems and with low power consumption, it is a fully integrated day and night optical navigation module for jam-proof and spoof-proof operations.

NOCTA Mini enables UAS to operate beyond visual line of sight from takeoff to landing. Because it is based on machine vision, the system is drift-free. The self-contained system incorporates a computing module, geographic information system (GIS) infrastructure, and day and night cameras.

Designed for applications such as defense, homeland security and infrastructure security, it is a suitable solution for tactical UAS missions where payload capacity and flight time are limited, and continuous operation under all conditions is critical.

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