ANELLO Photonics, Key Dollar Cab enhance precision agriculture

June 5, 2024  - By

ANELLO Photonics and Key Dollar Cab, an OEM and technology integrator, have formed a strategic collaboration to bring ANELLO’s optical gyroscope technology to agriculture applications. The collaboration focuses on enhancing positioning accuracy in orchards and other high-value crop environments with limited GPS availability. 

 The partnership aims to address the growing demand for more robust and accurate positioning systems in orchards where precise navigation is crucial for optimizing operations and maximizing yield. 

 Optical gyroscope technology offers several advantages compared to traditional positioning systems, including improved accuracy, reliability and robustness in challenging agriculture environments. The optical gyroscope technology and positioning solutions integrated with Key Dollar Cab’s agricultural machinery and equipment is designed to offer farmers improved precision and efficiency in various orchard management tasks, including planting, spraying, fertilizing and harvesting. 

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