Airgain fleet management antenna features GNSS + 6 Wi-Fi ports

April 11, 2018  - By

Airgain Inc., a provider of advanced antenna technologies used to enable high-performance wireless networking, has released its Ultramax MIMO 9-in-1 antenna, which can receive multiple GNSS signals.

Designed for public safety fleet management, it provides high rejection GNSS technology with coverage for multiple satellite systems including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou.

The new Ultramax MIMO 9-in-1 antenna will help improve public safety and fleet solutions with enhanced Wi-Fi capability, the company said. It includes 6 x 6 MIMO Wi-Fi, dual LTE and multi-GNSS technology antennas in a single enclosure.

MIMO — multiple input multiple output — is used within LTE to provide better signal performance and higher data rates. With integrated 6×6 Wi-Fi antennas, the antenna provides support for full high-definition (HD) streaming video and other high bandwidth applications.

The antenna is the first in an Airgain series designed to support state-of-the-art communications technology in fleet routers, including the Cradlepoint IBR1700.

The Ultramax MIMO 9-in-1 antenna is equipped with nine ports, supporting tri-band Wi-Fi, LTE/MIMO (including Band 14 for FirstNet) and GNSS. With a single compact footprint, the antenna avoids multiple mounting and cable entry points.

“Technology advances in routers, including enhanced Wi-Fi and expanded MIMO LTE, require enabling antenna technology to deliver an optimized end user experience,” said Reed Pangborn, vice president of channel sales for North America. “We designed a new antenna to support the fleet management applications required in today’s evolving mobile environment. The Ultramax MIMO 9-in-1 antenna demonstrates our commitment to providing leading antenna solutions for our mobility customers covering a wide range of vehicles, including police, fire, ambulance and other fleet assets.”

The Ultramax MIMO 9-in-1 antenna complements Cradlepoint’s IBR1700 and supports all six of its Wi-Fi ports.

Airgain will unveil the new antenna at the Cradlepoint Global Partner Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona, April 11-12. The Ultramax MIMO 9-in-1 antenna will be available to order starting in June.

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