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AirDroid offers geofencing to enhance efficiency, device security

April 22, 2020  - By

Mobile device management solution allows users set up a digital perimeter, view the current location of a device, and track where it’s been

Image: Shomiz / DigitalVision Vectors / Getty Images

Image: Shomiz / DigitalVision Vectors /Getty Images

Sand Studio, a mobile device management (MDM) solution provider, is offering AirDroid Business Geofencing, a location-based solution for businesses to monitor and track device location, automate tasks and receive notification alerts in one place.

With geofencing, organizations that have vehicles, personnel or valuable assets in the field can use tracking data and workflows to enhance security and optimize operational efficiency.

Geofencing integrates seamlessly with AirDroid Business’ easy-to-use yet powerful device management solution, enabling IT managers to apply different configurations to existing or newly created device groups at any time.

Adding to the existing location tracking feature, AirDroid Business Geofencing brings new capabilities like geofencing, path tracking, automated workflow, logs, and notification management.

Geofencing: Location-based technology where a customizable virtual fencing zone can be created for devices that are coming in and out of a predefined area on a map. Single devices or groups of devices can be added to multiple profile zones for different scenarios, which provides flexibility and more control over deployed devices.

Path Tracking: Admins can track a device and see its extensive path history. This allows for an in-depth analysis by combining time and location. For instance, admins can track a delivery truck and see if it has deviated from the assigned route, analyze the data, and improve operational efficiency.

Workflow, Logs and Notifications: Workflows work together with geofences. Triggered by a device entering or exiting a geofence, workflow will activate automated tasks such as device locking and factory reset. Working side-by-side with workflow is log management, where point of time, device activity, device status and events can be filtered to spot abnormal activities or insights for improvements.

“With mobile transformation continuing to take place in every industry, more businesses and organizations are deploying mobile devices in the field. However, they are also faced with the challenge of managing these devices,” said Anson Shiong, CEO of Sand Studio. “To help with this transition, AirDroid Business’ focus on remote device management and the new geofencing solution will help businesses maintain security and operational efficiency. These new features are designed to monitor and track remote devices with precision from anywhere in the world.”

Geofencing is beneficial to a range of industries such as medical and health institutions, public agencies who need to track people at risk in situations like the coronavirus outbreak, transportation and logistics companies that need specific details on fleet activity, corporations that disseminate company devices with confidential information, food delivery services and more.

The new tracking capabilities ensure consistent employee productivity levels as well as enhance security by knowing where the employees and devices are while also enabling confidential materials to be remotely wiped from a device when outside of the safety zone.

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