Aceinna, Point One Navigation partner for precise positioning

October 15, 2020  - By
Photo: Aceinna

The Aceinna OpenRTK330. (Photo: Aceinna)

Aceinna, a developer of inertial-based guidance and navigation systems for autonomous vehicles and devices, has partnered with Point One Navigation, which delivers precise positioning for the next generation of transportation.

According to the companies, the partnership enables a streamlined positioning platform that combines Point One’s Polaris GNSS cloud correction service with Aceinna’s OpenRTK330 hardware and software solution for developers in agriculture, construction, mapping, surveying, robotics and trucking.

OpenRTK330, designed for use in Level 3 ADAS and other high-volume applications requiring precise position information, is a GNSS receiver with a built-in RTK engine and triple redundant inertial sensors. According to Aceinna, it includes a multi-band RTK/GNSS receiver coupled with redundant inertial sensor arrays to provide centimeter-level accuracy, enhanced reliability and superior performance during GNSS outages. OpenRTK300 is supported by Aceinna’s open-source tool chain.

Through backend server synchronization between the companies, activation and authentication will be streamlined. In addition, true centimeter-level accuracy will be attainable and powered by the integration of Point One’s coast-to-coast Polaris network and Aceinna’s OpenRTK platform, the companies said.

“This partnership between Aceinna and Point One harnesses and combines each of our distinct strengths, to offer a solution platform that makes high performance positioning accessible to a variety of industries and applications,” said Yang Zhao, chairman and CEO of Aceinna. “We are thrilled to work with Point One’s technical expertise and execution to advance this technology to the next level of precision.”

The combined offering will be available for purchase beginning December 2020.

Aceinna is headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts, and Point One Navigation is headquartered in San Francisco.

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