3Dsurvey launches upgraded surveying solution

July 8, 2024  - By
Photo: 3Dsurvey

Photo: 3Dsurvey

3Dsurvey has launched 3Dsurvey 3.0, an all-in-one photogrammetric software solution.

3Dsurvey 3.0 is a hardware-agnostic solution designed to unify diverse data sources such as lidar sensors, cameras UAVs and various ground control points. The platform allows users to transition between orthophotos, point clouds and textured meshes, streamlining workflows without exporting files. This integration can benefit survey professionals, enhancing data accuracy and overall efficiency.

Version 3.0 features upgraded coordinate system functionalities to obtain georeferenced spatial data without the drawbacks of complex local transformations, which can reduce accuracy. These enhancements eliminate the need for third-party software.

3Dsurvey 3.0 has several features designed to improve geospatial data processing. Among the key updates is the improved coordinate system support, which handles transformations requiring special grid files. This upgrade ensures highly accurate GPS-to-local coordinate conversions. Additionally, the platform can automatically fetch missing geoid models, simplifying user workflow.

The revamped coordinate system selection process includes presets for users to find the correct system by simply entering their country name, with the appropriate settings applied automatically. It has PRJ file support to enhance compatibility with various GIS standards.

The new Clip function allows users to manage and share 3D models and orthophotos. By integrating CAD capabilities, users can import or create CAD lines within 3Dsurvey to define specific areas of interest, improving efficiency and data sharing.

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